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Current Ramp or Voltage Ramp, with Current Limit
Complete with Decel Control, Dual Ramp, Kick Start and Jog Modes
Integral up to Speed Bypass Contactor
PTC Thermisor Input
RS-485 Modbus – RTU Communications
120 Volts AC Control
24V DC Dry Contact Inputs, No External DC Power Supply Required
Chassis Mount

VMX Series Low Voltage Soft Starters; The control and protection you expect in an innovative soft starter design.

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  • Standard Duty (500% O/L for 20 Sec) & Heavy Duty (500% O/L for 60 sec) Ratings Available
  • 9 to 1250A Current Ratings
  • Chassis Style or Configured Style Available
  • Multiple Ramps to Start Any Load
  • Built-In Deceleration Control, Dual ramp, Kick Start and Jog Modes
  • Start & Run Protection
  • Real Time Thermal Modelling
  • Phase Loss Protection
  • Electronic Shear Pin
  • Built-In Motor Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Phase Current Imbalance/Loss protection
  • Complete with Bypass Contactor
  • Pump Flex Deceleration
  • 3 programmable Output Contacts
  • Built in RS485 Communications
  • Fault History
  • Narrow width for MCC Mounting
  • Remote Keypad Mounting Option Available
  • Units operate on 230, 460 or 600 volts
  • Closed Loop Torque Mode, with PID control
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • UL, cUL and CE Approved


Price Catalogue

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